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The Mother of All Healing

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life.” Ayurvedic knowledge originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing.” Ayurveda is based in a holistic approach to health care and hair care is one of the vital parts of it. Ayurveda is a safe alternative medicine to cure hair loss problems. Ayurvedic home remedies treat hair fall completely if it used in the early stage of hair fall. The success of ayurvedic herbs in preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth has been proven but be aware, Ayurveda believes that external application and precautions are not enough to keep your hair healthy and strong. Illness and vitamin/mineral deficiencies affects the quality, quantity and overall health of hair. As with all treatments for our bodies, what we put in our bodies is just as important as topical treatments. Theresa's products are topical treatments to aid in reducing hair shedding and encourage growth.

The Foundation Products

The Ayurvedic herbs in these products are well known and proven in India to aid in reducing the problem of baldness. These herbs contain an emulsifying substance which nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles, treats sensitive scalp problems and promotes hair growth.

Liquid Hair Strengthener, 8 oz. $20

The Ayurvedic Herbs Liquid Hair Strengthener Spray can be used as a leave in, a rinse out strength and growth treatment, a styling tool for natural hair twists or a curl refresher for natural curls.


Infused Hair Growth Oil, 2 oz. $25 (Contains Oil from Nuts)

The Ayurvedic Herbs Infused Hair Growth Oil can be massaged into the scalp and applied to ends when styling hair. The oil is comprised of various carrier and essentials oils. *This product contains oil from nuts. 

Ayurvedic Methi Infused Mega Growth Shea Soufflé, 4 oz. $15.00, 8 oz. $25 (Contains Oil from Nuts)

A handmade specially formulated version of the original Reese's Shea Soufflé infused with Methi (Fenugreek) Powder and Neem Oil to reduce shedding and encourage growth. May feel small granules of powder in soufflé. 




Mother Earth Heals

Healing for hair and skin can be found in nature. You only have to know where and what to look for. I've found it. Healing for your hair is here.



Sabria P. Testimonial, TX, 10/24/2020

"My hair is loving your Shea Soufflé, Hair Growth Oil, and Hair Strengthener. This was Day 1 of your hair care products from Monday and styled with a twist out. My hair is shining and looks so much more healthier. I didn't do anything to my hair after Monday only slept with my bonnet and just finally re-twisted my hair last night and it looks so good. I got a lot of compliments on my hair today and I sent your website out to them all. "

Her Product Selection: The Complete Ayurvedic Line: Ayurvedic Herbs Liquid Hair Strengthener, Ayurvedic Herbs Hair Growth Oil and Ayurvedic Methi Infused Mega Growth Shea Soufflé


Maria O. Testimonial, TX, 10/24/2020

"Just love your products! Her curls are so curly and lovely."

Her Product Selection: Reese's Shea Soufflé Original Formula for Hair and Body (see Healing for Skin)

Sunshine S. Testimonial, TX, 10/21/2020

"This is Gabby's hair it was very easy to brush. I usually deal with a lot of squealing screeching and crying during hair brushing. She even mentioned Mama you're not hurting me today."

Her Product Selection: Ayurvedic Herbs Liquid Hair Strengthener

Theresa WadeHouston, Brand Creator and CEO, Fort Worth, TX

I was the 1st person I tested my products on. When I noticed my hair's health and growth I was pleased. When my hairstylist commented on how long and thick my hair was getting I knew I had to share what I was making and using with others.

My Product Selection: The Complete Ayurvedic Line: Ayurvedic Herbs Liquid Hair Strengthener, Ayurvedic Herbs Hair Growth Oil and Ayurvedic Methi Infused Mega Growth Shea Soufflé


Sabria P. Hair Growth Update, TX

"Mrs. Theresa, look how long my hair has grown since I started using your products! I am loving them and my hair is too. "

Her Product Selection: The Complete Ayurvedic Line: Ayurvedic Herbs Liquid Hair Strengthener, Ayurvedic Herbs Hair Growth Oil and Ayurvedic Methi Infused Mega Growth Shea Soufflé

Misty W., TX, 01/07/2021

"Alopecia who Sis?! I'm so grateful for your products and prayers. Keep doing what you do. I absolutely love your line. Your hands are a blessing. I will be ordering more tonight."

She had suffered from alopecia suddenly over a year ago. Bald spots appeared out of nowhere in the top of her head. Hair shedding in clumps. Misty was one of my 1st test subjects for the Ayurvedic Herbs Infused Hair Growth Oil.

Her Product Selection: Ayurvedic Herbs Hair Growth Oil and Ayurvedic Methi Infused Mega Growth Shea Soufflé


Vera F., Texas

After using a highly recommended televised subscription required hair growth product for almost a year Vera decided to give Healing for Hair products a try. She is so pleased with the results she recommended it to her sister. We filled her sister's order a week later.

Anonymous, TX

My customer has been suffering from alopecia for almost 2 years. Hiding it with wigs and scarves. She was so pleased with her results she sent me these photos after using the Ayurvedic Herbs Infused Growth Oil every day for one month. She uses the Liquid Hair Strengthener on shampoo days as a strengthening treatment. Our hair is a very personal thing and she chose to remain anonymous while giving me permission to share her photos.

Monica C., Louisiana, April 2021

When her hair stylist applied an "old relaxer" to her hair it damaged the hair in her crown. Monica was referred by a friend to try Healing for Hair products and now her new stylist is asking her what did she use to make her damaged area grow back so fast. Monica uses the Ayurvedic Herbs Infused Growth Oil.


Jason H., Fort Worth, TX, May 2021

My husband is not just my biggest supporter he is also a customer. Male pattern baldness is on his Dad's side of the family. He declared it's stopping with him. His go to products are the Ayurvedic Liquid Hair Strengthener and the Ayurvedic Herbs Infused Growth Oil.

Platinum D, Dallas, TX, YouTuber & Beauty Influencer

Nikki Darden, AKA Platinum D is a DFW Treasure and Internationally known YouTuber. When her hair fell out due to health issues she used the Hair Growth Oil to grow her edges and bald spots back.

Go to her YouTube channel: Platinum D to see her emotional testimonial.

Make sure to follow her on all social Media Platforms: Platinum D and Contour Me by Nikki

 Please allow 6 to 8 weeks of consistent (3 times a week) use to see hair growth. Reduced shedding should occur within 1 week of consistent(3 times a week) use. Testimonial statements and photographs on this website do not constitute a warranty or prediction of the outcome of your individual hair growth or treatment results. Your results may vary based on your individual medical history, genetics, and longevity of use. If any allergic reactions occur please consult with your physician. Unless otherwise indicated on this website, no compensation is provided to individuals for permission to use statements.